December 24, 2005

Holiday Season 2005

The Chan's 1st Christmas

We did buy the monumental "1st Christmas together" tree ornament. But I believe that is the only documentation from the event :) We forgot to take photographs. We were much too busy with relaxation activities. And also, the next day we were heading off to Israel. We spent time with family (Mum, Charlie & brother, Chris) in Houston. (with a mild marathon line of presents in the morning). Here's our Xmas card photo and here's some shots from Erica's annual X-mas dinner - the last time I went to a party with the old gang from Austin was 1998! Pre-children times, and the adults, aka 20- somethings, were the ones opening up the toys. Thanks for the party, Erica :)

Thanksgiving in Nebraska!!

It has become a tradition for Shelley to spend Thanksgiving in Nebraska and now for the past 2 years, it has become a tradtion for William as well.

Although William could do without the bitter cold, he is learning to survive in Shelley's home state. We experienced dinner with our usual amazing hosts, Aunt Linda and Llyod. There's always too much delicious food and an annual game of cards. I always need help shooting the moon. I seem to have a recurring problem of keeping a conscious state for the heavy competition after the fantastic meal. Here's Aunt Linda and Llyod below...and isn't Grandma beautiful?

We also visited the Daugherty' Aunt Rosella (a life mentor for me!) and my Uncle Glen. William was excited to learn about farm life...and most impressed with the mega machinery. It's nice to be able to relax in Hastings. We also were able to visit with my cousins...if you are in need of some nice candles that smell wonderful or would like a new way to raise money at your next fundraiser, check out my cousin's business. They have a brand new manufacturing facility...a very charming place.

October 21, 2005

The First 6 Months. . .

We survived! They said the first year of marriage would be awful. So far, we're still waiting.
I think we expected the worst, so that must have softened the transition. But all in all, it's definitely been a God thing. That is the only thing that can explain two older, single and stubborn folk who are pretty set in their ways . . . living together with smiles on their faces. We were provided with so many resources before our marriage and during these 6 months....I don't think either one of us have worked so hard on "preparation" in our entire life! But the hard work has really paid off... and we are so grateful for the support and fellowship, counsel and words of wisdom, mentors and prayers from friends and family....and all of those marriage and engagement books! We definitely didn't experience marital bliss because of our own natural doings. God has made it work better than we had assumed it could be... We've learned that His plans are better than ours (although that has always been a tough lesson to learn). After we got home from the honeymoon, my consulting job allowed me to continue working without traveling full time so that kept me sane. William kept sane because I allowed him to still have video game time.

Here are a couple of events....

Mike and William hired a VP of Development to their team at Crimson Services, David Chao (on far left).

We had our first party...or should I say, parties over Labor Day weekend. We had some evil video gaming competition going on...

June 05, 2005

Moving In

William's long-time bachelor pad becomes the Chan's home.
He's so glad that I'm not into floral prints and that I agreed to not put fuzzy seats in the bathrooms. So after a smooth transition and not too many arguments....we have a combined, comfortable and happy home. A home that is ready for visitors.... please come visit us and stay for awhile! We love guests.

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.
Psalm 127:1

May 27, 2005

Celebration continues

More . . . and more . . ...celebrations! We were given wonderful dinner receptions in Kuala Lampur and Singapore to celebrate the wedding with William's families. I really love William's family and felt at home with them. We spent most of our time in Kuala Lampur visiting with family and exploring the city. We also met up with William's childhood friend, Andrew. We were able to spend more time with William's parents (who had just returned from the States to attend our wedding) and also his sister, Elaine and her husband and children, Joshua, Ruth and Sara. It was a treat to finally meet them. Kuala Lampur is a beautiful and modern place and very westernized, and is an Islamic state. William's family is the most hospitable, friendly and welcoming group of people that I have ever encountered. I am blessed with the best in-laws :) Singapore was even more westernized and very clean, as to be expected. We also were able to meet some of William's friends from college days that had moved back to Singapore. I am looking forward to returning and hope we get back very soon.

Reception Photos:

May 16, 2005

The Honeymoon

Honeymoons are a good idea :)

We loved this resort and highly recommend it to others. The beach houses on stilts were very romantic and beautifully designed. The sea breeze was constant and it was nice to have the privacy of a small "beach house". The food was included in our package - and we had our choice of restaraunts on the private island. . . authentic, fresh and delicious. We spent much of our time at the amazing spa which is actually rated one of the top spas in the world. We enjoyed our massages, body wraps, spa baths, foot-poundings and all the little luxuries from a very talented and comforting staff. We also went on a tour of the rainforest on the island from a young American guide - who was studying Botany at Cornell - William's alma mater. The rest of the time was spent developing our professional skills at lounging - specializing in pool and beachside. We spent our first week in Malaysia at the resort and then traveled to Kaula Lampur and Singapore for some additional family receptions.

Here's our photos:

May 14, 2005

The Wedding Day

Shelley and William got married in Houston, TX.
Thanks to everyone who joined us in the ceremony and reception....and especially to those who traveled to Houston.
And thanks also to those who couldn't be there and sent us their best wishes. It was a perfect day for us and we couldn't have been happier during our special celebration. We were married at First United Methodist Church in downtown Houston and our reception was held at the River Oaks Junior League.

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Our Wedding Ceremony Photos:

The Reception Photos: